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Choosing a Wedding Photographer


Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is a difficult assignment. You need to decide how much you plan on budgeting for your wedding photographe, then find the perfect photographer according to your budget as well as the photographer's photographic styles.

When visiting a photographer's studio, you will no doubt be shown a stunning presentation of wedding photographs. Be sure to confirm whether the photographer who took those photos will be the same person taking your wedding photos at your wedding.

It's also an advantage to meet with the actual photographer whom will be taking your wedding photos at this meeting and not just the "salesperson" at the studio. In doing so, you can also get a good understanding of the photographer's ideas and suggestions in taking your wedding photos. These who be anything from knowing which is your "good side" and at the same time you can gain an insight in the photographer's personality. Which can be important in deciding whether you'll click and have a smooth photographic experience. Organising these issues before hand can save you time and avoid potentially embarrassing situations on the day. Every photographer will have their own opinions on how to make your wedding photos magical. However this is your chance to tell them your ideas and whether you have any specific types of photos or certain shots you prefer.

It's not uncommon for wedding photographers to receive photo requests such as:

  • Including the couples newborn baby.
  • Photos with the bride's pet Corgis.
  • Photos with the groom's beloved Monaro street machine.
  • Extra photos with relatives who have travelled a long way.
  • Photos with the limo and/or driver.
  • Some requests will require additional organisation, different venues, creativity and handling, which of course will probably mean more cost.
  • Make sure you discuss all of your requirements in detail so no unexpected costs will blow your budget.

Also, studios may have more than one photographer working for them and they may even hire freelance photographers to send to your wedding. If you are paying high prices for photographs from an "award winning" studio, make sure that you are going to be getting the award winning photographer or try and negotiate a different rate.

Remember you can always shop around and ask your friends and family for a referral if they have had any good experiences.

The Cost

The cost of hiring a professional photographer can vary depending on the photographer's experience and reputation. Many photographic studios also offer starters packages and special wedding packages depending on your budget. For starters package, most photographers may offer is an album of between 20-40 photographs.

Another consideration is whether you wish to have photos taken from pre-wedding shots at home to walking down the aisles of the actual ceremony. Along with group shots after the ceremony and finishing up with a few more during the reception. It would be wise to ask your photographer of exactly what is included in the different packages. Some basic packages will only include the actual ceremony and some shots after. While an "all day" package which includes photographs from the wedding preparation down to the wedding reception will cost substantially more.

Choosing a Photographer

How do you choose a wedding photographer for your special day? You will need to do some research. If you have any friends that have been married recently, ask them which photographer they hired and browse their wedding photos and video if they had one taken.

Find out if your friends were happy with their wedding photos. Ask them if they would recommended their photographer and whether they were happy with the overall service they were provided.

Try and make an appointment with your photographer and meet him or her in person. Ask them questions in person, not just over the phone before making a decision on who you are going to pay to take your wedding photos.

Wedding photographers are not always qualified photographers. This is one industry that is unregulated in many part of the world, not just Australia and therefore you can expect to find a range of photograph with different levels of qualification in your search. If you aren't sure where to start looking, trying using our wedding photographers directory listings and you can start researching both locally or state wide.

Paying a Photographer

Once you have chosen your photographer you will have to be prepared to pay a deposit which can be 50% of the total hiring amount. This may sound expensive but you are booking your wedding photographer to work exclusively for you on your wedding day.

You can also enquire with each photographer or studio and find out what payments are required, what component will be refunded if cancelled and what the payment options are. Some newlyweds will spend several thousand dollars on their album and often require a finance option or payment plan. The remaining amount is usually paid by the wedding day.

Sign a Contract

If possible, you may need to sign a contract to ensure that your wedding photographer will be available for your wedding. Make sure you understand what is in the contract before signing it. If you are unsure about any aspects of the contract then don't sign it. You can take it home with you and return it later.